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Our Family Recipe for Hometown Fun

Creating Memories Since 1921

For excellent food at a reasonable price, come to Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill where locals of Tilden and Chippewa Valley area can experience the most satisfying dining, beverages, music, and entertainment! As a family owned and operated establishment, we incorporate our recipes into a wide variety menu that features a special for every day of the week, excellent fish fry, pizza, and pork and steak dumplings. Plus, we have a rotating beer selection from local breweries and are the largest seller of Leinenkugel Brewery’s Leinie Light Beer in the world.

Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill in Chippewa Falls, WI
Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill in Chippewa Falls, WI
Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill in Chippewa Falls, WI

Special Events

For special events, Bresina’s calls for a celebration. Our outdoor pavilion seats over 100 people, perfect for hosting birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations and more! Throughout the year, we’ll host various events to benefit those in need. If you wish to host a party or become involved with any of our upcoming events, give us a call at 715-288-6303 today!

Our History

Bresina’s was opened in a wood-framed building by Wenzel Bresina in 1901. He and his son, Thomas operated the bar until 1911 until Thomas became the sole owner. Increased prosperity meant that more room was needed, so with the help of draft horses, Thomas moved the original building across the road. Legend has it that patrons continued to drink while the building moved. After the original building moved, a new building was built in its place.

In 1921, and 100,000 bricks later, Bresina’s Bar and Dance Hall was completed. Thomas and his wife, Mary raised their family of 15 children in the lower level of the building. The upper level was used to house the sawyers who worked for Thomas at his sawmill. Also on the upper level was the dance hall adorned by beautiful hand-painted murals, and where the Tilden Orchestra played. Many dances, weddings, and parties were held at Bresina’s Dance Hall.

As horses became less popular than gas engines, Thomas added gas pumps to the property. A tradition began when neighbors came on Sunday afternoons to play ball and socialize. No one is quite sure when the ball field was started, although everyone agrees is started in the pasture next to the bar.

Thomas operated the bar until the late 1940s until three of his sons Henry, Art, and Tom W. took over the family business. In 1952, Henry became the owner while Art and Tom W. pursued other opportunities. Henry and his wife, Deloris ran the bar until 1969. Tom W. and Gert Bresina’s daughter and son-in-law, Nancy and Cliff Swoboda bought the bar and raised their family here until 1991. It was the first time ever that the bar was not owned by a Bresina.

After several changes in ownership of the restaurant and the building, the bar once again was brought back into the Bresina family. In June of 2006, Tom W. and Gert’s youngest son, Douglas purchased the bar and restored its original name, Bresina’s.

Come on by Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill today! If you wish to contact us for a reservation or to host an event, give us a call at 715-288-6303!

Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill

12037 Cty Hwy B,
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

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Kitchen Open 11:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.
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